Wookee Cookees were created out of our love for dogs and the promise of a healthy and happy life         

the legend of the cookee        several years, well more like decades, of working with and studying animals taught me the importance of a healthy diet, regular exercise and of course lots of love for a long and happy life.   

my first rescue dog was in 1987 a golden-mix I named mr. spock because his ears stood up.  (any Star Trek fans reading this?) Spock was my best for 15 years.  in 2003 i started my own rescue and rehabilitation center.  It was quite obvious that dog food and treats had changed drastically over the years.  what i was now feeding my dogs was not providing them with the essential vitamins, proteins, fats and carbs that were needed for a healthy diet.  the dogs were sluggish, had dry skin and dull coats. everything from chemicals and fillers were making my dogs sick.  my Suzie nearly died from a mass produced dog treat!  I decided to make an immediate change in their diet which included home baked dog cookees! i want my dogs to enjoy healthy cookees that they loved! 

i researched healthy ingredients that would make my dogs feel good, and yes, look good!  I created cookees that focused on health issues such as arthritis, allergies, dry skin and digestive issues.   and these awesome  cookees have made a huge difference in the health of my dogs!  and  these deliciously - healthy cookees put the zoomies back in their paws!

what to do with cookees that made a difference in the lives of my dogs, make them so other dogs can also  feel their best! 

it's very simple.  a healthy dog is a happy dog.  it makes sense that our dogs deserve the very best nutrition just like we do.  they take care of us, so let's take care of them! 

and that is how wookee cookees were created.

more about wookee cookees                                                                  my cookees are baked in small batches for ultimate freshness!  there are no hidden sugars, no fillers and no additives!

paw it forward!                                                                                wookee helps animals in need by donating a portion of his profits and sponsoring fundraising and adoption events.  

nope                                                                                                      wookee cookees will never be associated with pet stores that sell puppy mill dogs, exotic pets, or any animal.